About SPIX industry provider of voiceAI technology

SPIX industry develops voice solutions and intelligent conversational agents for Industry 4.0. An innovative company, committed to the operational implementation of technologies derived from artificial intelligence for the benefit of the development of industry in Europe, SPIX industry is the leader in its market.

Today, the question is no longer whether voice and intelligent assistance can revolutionize your industry, but HOW to integrate it into your production or maintenance processes.

Since its creation in 2013, SPIX industry has led a significant R&D effort to develop operational solutions and provide companies with tools adapted to the production , inspection , quality control or maintenance professions. These developments are carried out in partnership with end users , maintenance technicians, metrology operators, quality control inspectors in order to respond appropriately to their expectations.

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voiceAI solutions for the industry

The industrial challenges for the introduction of voice and intelligent assistance match the expected benefits.

Nevertheless, for each industrial sector, a voice solution can be implemented. SPIX industry has unique experience in the creation and deployment of operational voiceAI solutions in different sectors of industry.

  • Production and quality control in the automotive field.
  • Maintenance, inventory, inspection for the nuclear and energy industry.
  • Site monitoring, defect records, consignment/deconsignment for construction.
  • Intelligent voice functions for picking in industrial logistics.
  • Laboratory notebook, and traceability for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • Quality control for aeronautic manufacturers.
  • Intelligent assistance for the field of defense.